Throw a handful of pumpkin seeds into the river and ask for a financial boon. February 2014 How exciting that you hold all of this in your hands but are surrounded by them as well; sounds like every which way you turn, your goals are ready for manifestation. Your cheeks correlate to the throat chakra, which is one of the seven main energy centers. I dreamed that I was in his bathroom and when i opened his shower door tons of pumpkin seeds came flowing out but there were also maggots on them! July 2019 Even tho these doctors had told me to terminate, he was perfect & was declared a gifted student in 1st grade & went on to get a perfect score on his High School achievement test "in the top 1/2 if 1% of students tested nationally". It was like an atomic punch to the gut. They tried squeezing them out too. March 2019 I have not eaten any or bought any since I have relocated. Lol. Alka Jaiman. Pumpkins can be used for protection, divination, banishing, and prosperity. As pumpkin seeds symbolize abundance, as well as dreams, I want you to see that all of your dreams and desires are so close to you! Last night I had a dream that someone put a pumpkin seed in my mouth. Hey Justina- what a great dream! He was dying based on her message. Alternatively, keeping a pumpkin in your divination space is said to provide extra insight in your reading. When doing tarot readings for others, place a small pumpkin near your cards so you can draw upon it’s energies to reveal the unknown. Eating pumpkin in a dream also means guidance, following good example, or it could mean temptation. July 2020 What does this mean? To my surprise & dissapointment sissy had still been silent.. "There is one caveat to the fiber, though," Wylie-Rosett said. document.write(day_description + " was " + ((days+1)*-1) + (days < -2 ? " Nurture yourself, thereby nurturing this leaf and this plant that is just beginning to form; envision how large pumpkin plants become and start expressing gratitude now for the abundance that is headed your way! December 2020 Clean your pumpkin seeds well: You really want to wash them well and discard of any and all pumpkin fibers. Strange? June 2017 Pumpkins and pumpkin seeds represent fertility, abundance, wealth, love, prosperity, good luck, and can attract money. If your husband is facing a new project or considering one, I would take the seed as a very good sign of the potential outcome:). 2) the popularized Halloween day at … Each pumpkin from a spiritual perspective represents your blessings waiting to be given. Pumpkin seeds, when roasted, dried and eaten, are believed to keep extra pounds away while adding the fruit of the pumpkin itself to delicious delights such as pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie is said to bring money and luck your way as well. I just had a dream about eating raw like a fool I looked up the meaning of eating raw pumpkin was eerie!! that was quite traumatic. The ants attacking you typically symbolize being annoyed by someone or something. Your email address will not be published. Abundance can relate to relationships, love, time, energy, security...anything:) So, your seed is a reminder to you to offer gratitude for what you do not have and plant hope as you work towards manifesting what you strive for. Pumpkins are often symbols of the fruitfulness of the earth at this autumn time of year since their round orange bodies also represent the abundance of the Mother Goddess or Mother Earth. Pumpkin seed oil is actually an unsaturated fat, meaning it’s the “good” kind of fat. September 2019 What would this mean? I'm a seer by the stuff like this happens occasionally. The pumpkin indicates good times. May 2018 Sit in a place where you can meditate quickly for a few minutes. To me, the pumpkin is more than just an oversized vegetable. I ended up back at home and the seeds started falling out on their own and before long I had jars full of them. She died in a car crash that didn't seriously hurt anyone else but her dog, who also perished. April 2016 October 2013 August 2014 Pumpkins and pumpkin seeds represent fertility, abundance, wealth, love, prosperity, good luck, and can attract money. It was so painful and weird. To dream of a whole pumpkin is to symbolize openness to new possibilities and encourage you to try new things! Do you feel heard? At 41 after 4 years of marriage & still childless, I NEVER thought the child was a baby for me, but that we'd won the custody battle. My husband & I were in a battle with her ex for custody of the kids after their paternal grandmother asked us if we'd take them, now 6 & 8. last night l had a dream running and on my way l got transparent five litres bottle of pumpkin seeds.l ran away home with the seeds. Pumpkins and pumpkin seeds represent fertility, abundance, wealth, love, prosperity, good luck, and can attract money. It was a fully robed Priest .. ... A large or expanding pumpkin has the potential to mean two things. October 2015 March 2017 June 2015 If you are working with her magick, you must abstain from eating any pumpkin. This ritual confers a double blessing since it acts as a spiritual cleansing in addition to attracting wealth and prosperity to the individual that performs it. The dream was so crystal clear I called Mom right away & told her everything If you are afraid to follow a dream, that would explain why the dream seemed scary; change instigates fear and both are scary. Sometimes we do not want to vocalize our dreams because we are afraid others will laugh or not undertand the goals' importance to us; often times, we are afraid of failure. This is just kinda creepy. Are you hearing what people are saying to you? I love that you are remembering your dreams and paying attention to them to seek answers. if ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") && (year < 2000)) Oddly, I was at an airport with her children sitting by my feet. September 2014 Pumpkins have a long history of being the one vegetable that can ward off evil spirits on Halloween night. October 2016 I dream of seed of pumpkin. There are carbs in pumpkin seeds, but they are a great source of fiber which has been linked to weight loss and several health benefits. October 2017 I dreaming im eating pumpkin seeds..wat is that mean? The Meaning of Pumpkin In Dreams- One of the most distinctive aspects of this wonderful and delicious squash plant is that it is highly connected with a season. I take it as a reminder that what we put out "there" (to the Universe, to others, etc) plants the seeds for what comes back to us. I know I  am missing a lot on this list but these are just some of the pumpkin flavored foods I have seen or made (or consumed!) document.write("There are " + (days+1) + " days until " + day_description + "! var day_description = "Christmas"; If you interpret the seeds as the planting of new goals and aspirations, it sounds like some of your new ideas will manifest quite easily. year="19" + year; I also see it as a reminder to be grateful for what we have. Sometimes there would be a healthy pumpkin inside of a rotten pumpkin and that’s where I would find the seeds. But, always keep in mind, fear is temporary. All of those reasons are fear-based. January 2016 September 2015 Taking the good ☺️, Someone just hand me a hand full of pumpkin seeds from a pumpkin...some say it means lucky..some says it means money ...what is the true meaning. December 2014 Sandra- Thanks so much for your reply, we appreciate your insights. I'd heard nothing & was losing it. I do believe and see that the seeds represent new growth and are positive symbol in dreams. The fertile abundance of seeds inside a pumpkin perfect for success mojo bags. January 2015 So, the first answer that comes to my mind is (and no pun intended here though I just made myself laugh! The pumpkin seeds symbolize dreams. The seeds represent dreams we have the power to manifest. var diff = date.getTime() - today.getTime(); Some believe the energy from Pumpkin scented candles helps to increase the power of spells. April 2015 Light pumpkin-scented candles near your divination or scrying tools to increase the potency of your readings. When the throat chakra is out of balance, it, emotionally, relates to communication. About midnight.. By 1a.m. Unlike most dreams, which are foggy,, I remembered EVERYTHING. The pumpkin seeds nutrition profile includes a good amount of protein and fiber, plus important vitamins and minerals like manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. I had a dream that I was pooing pumpkinseed I was in the bathroom of course pooing and when I got up because somebody else had to use the bathroom which in my dream was my brother in law my sister boyfriend was knocking at the door I told him to hold on cuz when I look back for some odd reason the toilet was attached to the shower so everywhere in the shower was pumpkin seed everywhere pumpkin seed in the ceiling in the corner of the shower in the floor and in my dreams I freaked out and I didn't want my brother-in-law to see that coming in the bathroom so I start cleaning it and that was pretty much it I woke up and Im like what a funny dream but I'm kind of interesting to know what it means. It is said she even keeps her magical tools and ingredients stored away in a pumpkin. I never take random findings such as a pumpkin seed in the bed (unless he was eating them there the night before, lol) as something to brush off. What could this mean? Is there something you really want to do but for some reason are not voicing it or giving yourself credit for being able to do it? "); March 2014 It is important to know that the pumpkin and its seeds are considered the children of Oshun. The pumpkin seed is a delicious type of seed that has been enjoyed around the globe for thousands of years. He's in his 1yr year of college now. I feel like I already know how this applies to my personal life but I thought I would share. Dream About Pumpkin Vines "); So glad you shared but am even more thrilled you are paying attention to the messages in your dreams! My sister miraculously walked away from 2 car accidents where her vehicle was totaled while she drove drunk before she was 18, but in our small town where everyone knew us, they called my Mom to come get her, no questions asked. I am trying to fall pregnant and I have a business idea. Plz advise me. Just last night I had a dream where I was in a garden but I was eating pumpkin seeds so so so much,I had them full in my hands and they keep on multiplying in both my hands,And I kept on eating I saw pumpkins too on the ground where I was standing and they where surrounding me.could you please care to help me interpret this for me? I have been down because my GPA is at 2.5 and i am going thru depression and my parents abandon me. Although pumpkin seeds are not as dense as sunflower seeds, they are consumed by many people.The benefits of pumpkin seeds are quite numerous. Seeds started to appear and I started to take them out. Thus the pumpkin symbolically was the favourite mechanism for delivering souls to the new born. I piled the seeds on a table but then going back to my wound, stuff started to come out from it. Seeds in general represent potential. December 2018 August 2018 Only you can validate your ideas as they come from a place of love and truth within you. I put in the ground dirt and I see out the leaf growing. It will bring you also bring you protection, prosperity and happiness. When we ignore that voice, that inner truth, we are squelching our own wisdom. Pumpkin learning – This pumpkin-themed pre-k pack was fun. February 2020 "); November 2015 Your inner voice/intuition is your core sense of wisdom. I can't say for sure if it was 30 minute's or more or less, but around 2am there was a knock at the door. I recently dreamt that I had pumpkin seeds growing in my face.. Namely on my cheeks. Unsaturated fats like pumpkin seed oil can actually promote a healthy heart. With him it was all about how much $$ he would he get each month for the kids who lived with us 5 States away.. We reinforced the spiritual story by putting our new book in Wyatt's reading box. January 2019 No one knew why or how. Hey Sophie- What about your dream seemed traumatic? I think it's time to go shopping... maybe even buy some really cool stuff at one of my online shops!! Is there a lesson in recognizing we do not have to have all five seeds to be happy? May 2015 Each pumpkin has about 500 seeds and to carve these out can spiritually mean your own wealth is growing. Astounded by the symbolism explained here! There is always something else that can be used, or substituted. ... where pumpkin-related seeds believed to be thousands of years old have been discovered. About 2 months+ later I began to feel sick, & went to Dr.. (Remember the seed relates to wisdom). Puréeing the seeds with herbs, jalapeños, tomatillos, and chicken broth makes … Claudia- That is awesome! He offered comfort I could not receive & left.. Other magickal uses for pumpkins include: These are just a few ways to use pumpkins in your magical practice. So creating faces and turning them into lanterns made perfect sense. March 2018 Years went by.. I see them as signs from guides or angels. Grow high quality pumpkins from the highest quality pumpkin seed and take advantage of the magic they bring to your business! I saw them, then I opened my eyes. // End -->. document.write("Today is " + day_before + "! Eating a pumpkin in a dream also means recovering a lost object, or reuniting with one's beloved, or correcting one's spiritual thoughts. Open your bag of pumpkin seeds and count out 9 seeds. I would love to find an answer if you have any idea? He said symptoms were typical for someone in my condition. Use your jack-o-lantern to chase away negative energy. So not sure which one it applies too. But one of them will take work on your part before it comes to fruition. September 2013 I've had dreams of things that I'm doing in a time I dreamt about eating glass...the meaning of that was eerie as well. I'd gone from zero children to 3 in 3 months. If you have been storing up goals/dreams/ideas (ie: seeds), plant them, and let people know they are there. "what condition is that" I asked.. "you're about 6 weeks pregnant". November 2017 May 2014 They said they'd get someone to talk to me asap. Information in this post was collected from a variety of sources. There was no dialouge just the actions of the silent children at my feet while she handed me what appeared to be a baby straddled in blue.. Our current external world is so challenging that I think everyone is going through some interesting challenges. January 2020 High in Antioxidants. But I also think it is a strong message- especially since you found an actual seed versus dreamed it- to be grateful for the abundances you do have. July 2014 Over the years, I’ve had a time or two when I didn’t clean the seeds well enough and they really don’t turn out as well. I interpret that as a hope or dream of yours starting to come true, to manifest. My sister had recently been asked out by a fine single gentleman who was on the board for our local airport commission; he had asked her ex for permission to date her. Later we were in business together. Blend into mole sauce. var days = Math.floor(diff / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24)); Whole, roasted pumpkin seeds in their shells contain about 5.2 grams of fiber per serving, while shelled seeds contain just 1.8 grams. As a symbol, it denotes well being, motherhood, and prosperity. May 2016 She was driving him to the closest all night vet which was nearer to my home. Any well-drained tillable soil with a pH of 6.0 -6.8 is acceptable and the use of manure is recommended. I had been sitting down at my desk and looked down and there was a pumpkin there right under me. July 2016 When appearing in a dream the seeds are believed to be deeply connected to your spirit or soul, providing reassurance for a decision or goal you are pursuing. Both are about abundance, which can come to you in a myriad of ways. Offer whole pumpkins with names carved into them for love spells. December 2015 Why does it have to be either or?! It may be a reminder that you need to rest on the small winnings on a daily basis. I am 62, so hopefully conception is not the seed's message... :) BUT Bob has been working on a project for 3 years and it does seem to be coming to fruition, at last! July 2015 October 2020 My sister had come to me bearing a bundle in a blue blanket. Early societies saw symbolism and spiritual significance in many round objects, from rocks to seeds and, yes, the pumpkin. Eat the first seed. They were starting a relationship that I believe would have led to marriage. Offer whole pumpkins smeared with honey to the river where you wish to conceive a child. May 2019 June 2014 Well...I did. If one sees himself trying to plant something which is not a plant, or to place a seed in an unsuitable ground in a dream, it means that he is wasting his money and squandering his property. It is symbolic of a break up, leaving a job, finishing school or college or even a death in the family. ― C. JoyBell C. Do not use any ingredient if you are allergic to it. April 2014 As pumpkin seeds symbolize abundance, as well as dreams, I want you to see that all of your dreams and desires are so close to you! if (days > 1) It seems as though your sister waited to come through to you when she had the most important message to deliver. March 2020 Pumpkin seeds being associated with the season fall may be another hopeful indicator that that is the timing to expect answers or, at least a path, towards one of those endeavors! But they were healthy seeds. A pumpkin in a dream could also denote medicine and particularly when cooked. Some people refer to the pumpkin as an oversized vegetable. What can you do to react differently? For protection, carving ghoulish faces into pumpkins and placing them at your doorstep is said to help protect your home from wandering, harmful spirits this time of year. We were also molested together by our sick disgusting uncle from early childhood to mid teens, but our parents didn't believe us when we told them, even tho my mom had to take me to the Dr when I was 3 after his 'attack' (he was 17). Which we did. Pumpkin seeds are packed with healthy nutrients, like fiber and protein, and also contain impressive amounts of the micronutrients magnesium and zinc. I have suffered from terrible acne the last few months so I think the seeds in my face have something to do with this complex. I wonder if this rings at all true with you? Some examples of the use of the pumpkin in myth and legend or religions include: The dream started with me squeezing them out. var date = new Date("December 25, " + year); I just woke up from a dream that I had an open wound in my left leg and I started picking on it. By Jan White. Glad you are surrounded by seeds of love:). To the Celts the head was the most sacred and important part of the body. Pumpkin, cucumber, eggplant, sweet basil, chard, onion, cabbage, Indian corn and melon seeds in a dream mean abating or ceasing of difficulties and disturbances, or they could mean recovering from a terminal illness. By following your heart, you receive abundantly, which is also a reference to the symbolism of the seed. If you need resources to deal with the depression, feel free to email me and I will see if I can help:) They may also be a homonym for ’cede’, or surrendering. 00 during day time when I lie down for taking rest and had a nap. For example, if you are struggling right now with finances, this seed is hope and encouragement that abundance will manifest. The police got my name & # after calling her kids Day Care provider after finding a receipt in her car; I was listed as a Emergency Contact. We do not eat in bed so this seed was not from a late night snack. The Element Encyclopedia My own mom & step dad said they didn't see me as "the motherly type"& said they'd understand my getting an abortion, "like the doctors said" but then I'd made friends with the baby growing inside me. But she was going thru all the PTSD 14 years of heavy molestation causes. They can also be used for healing, honoring the Moon, and Divination/Contacting the Spirit World. April 2020 Saw your blog at, Your email address will not be published. What is it you want for yourself? I dreamt that someone told me to buy some pumpkin seeds in my dream last night. Most importantly, acknowledge your ideas to yourself, thereby honoring your truth. 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") I have never had a seed dream before it was interesting. They said give them 30 minutes.. I went to college & my sister got married & had 2 children, a girl then a boy.. She was VERY happy to be a Mommy, & was super protective of her children particularly when sick uncle came around; unlike her own Mom she'd NEVER let him put a finger on her Babies.. I didn’t stop squeezing and they just kept coming so then I went to the doctor and they couldn’t even figure it out. My husband wanted to just toss the seed.Thank you. August 2020 January 2018 August 2015 When her husband was caught having sex with our step sister (& others) she broke. November 2020 else if (days < -1) Your dream is telling you this is a great time to move forward:). Pumpkin, cucumber, eggplant, sweet basil, chard, onion, cabbage, Indian corn and melon seeds in a dream mean abating or ceasing of difficulties and disturbances, or they could mean recovering from a terminal illness. I dreamt I was digging the seeds out of rotting pumpkins. & he only said "Yes". January 2014 How exciting that you hold all of this in your hands but are surrounded by them as well; sounds like every which way you turn, your goals are ready for manifestation. Let's break this down in two different ways.... pumpkin seeds represent abundance, wisdom, dreams. I found one pumpkin seed on my husband's side of the bed this morning. So the seeds were being squeezed out of skin, no bleed though. February 2015 Pumpkin spice soup. Interesting you used the words "fall pregnant" rather than "get pregnant". My sister & I had had seances, played with Ouiji boards & such; we always imagined if either of us died, we'd surely communicate beyond the grave.. Protecting against cancer, protecting the kidneys, increasing sperm quality among the benefits of pumpkin seed.. What is more, when consumed to a certain extent, it allows you to lose weight instead of losing weight. Science is explained magic. Marlon Harewood else if (days == 1) It was almost like an open wound; my flesh was like that of the inside of a pumpkin (the stringy-ness) but, human flesh. Dry roast the seeds and toss them in a mojo bag for prosperity. June 2016 June 2020 But that dream! January 2021 The word pumpkin comes from the Greek word meaning “large melon.” The French and British adapted the word, but American colonists gave the word its present pronunciation. Place a pumpkin on your altar and/or light a pumpkin-scented candle when doing any magic that involves discovering and developing your magical skills. It will bring you protection and my sister told me that if you sprinkle cinnamon and sugar around your home. Remember, pumpkins are linked to the mysterious, the unknown, the dark, and all kinds of magic, so use them often! Pumpkin seeds dream meaning. Identify what you want and go after it. I asked him "is she gone?" But there was nothing but silence for 3+ years. Many as there many seeds many that means both. But there was more. August 2013 Oshun is a Yoruban river goddess (orisha) of fertility, love and wealth who is intricately connected to the magic of pumpkins. February 2016 What could that mean? If anyone has any insights, please comet here. In 1995, I finally saw my sister! They looked like pumpkin seeds because they were flat but I didn’t necessarily associated them with pumpkin seeds. var year = today.getYear(); November 2019 March 2015 The cops asked me who could have been in the back seat with her but didn't tell me ANYTHING about a wreck, her condition, etc. August 2017 But then one morning I woke up after having a crystal clear dream. Ants are strong, persistent and resilient, all good qualities, but when they are attacking you, think about what issues or people have really been eating at you. The pumpkin’s symbolism is particularly apt as it contains hundreds of seeds and can thus be used to symbolise souls being delivered to new babies. Another legend tells  us that we carve and light pumpkins so that our ancestors can find us and can communicate with us. I had a dream last night. For me it meant fighting with someone ,which I did with my boyfriend last night!!! 3 Drs said to terminate. November 2014 “Magic is only unexplained science. Someone told me that if you put pumpkin sachets around your home. He came on May 11, 1997, Mother's Day, @ 12:24am. year=1900 + year; October 2014 Why are you holding back? var today = new Date(); While laying here ona couch at my friends house...I'm awake, but when i closed my eyes, I had a quick vision of a pile of green and orange pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins are sacred to Oshun, and the pumpkin fruit and its seeds are all considered children of Oshun. If one sees himself trying to plant something which is not a plant, or to place a seed in an unsuitable ground in a dream, it means that he is wasting his money and squandering his property. I finally heatdhfrom, Wow- thanks for sharing your story. I have to say that I have no clue what it could represent. My Ex- husband and I are living in the same house. The important aspect of the pumpkin seeds is more about being grateful and open to receiving whatever abundance comes your way (be it luck, money, friendship, love, patience, etc)...and "lucky" for you, it sounds like you will have a handful! Are you saying what you want to or are you holding back? I dreamt of someone handing me a sack full of pumpkin seeds amongst other vegetables in sacks too but I remembered the pumpkin seeds as they were too many as I opened it. document.write("Tommorrow is " + day_before + "! Watching a pumpkin grow – We used this real time and time lapse Youtube video. Please! This fruit is also sacred to the Yoruban goddess Oshun and is offered to her in exchange for wishes granted concerning love, money and fertility. My immediate thought was you seem to have a lot of ideas, goals, dreams but are hesitant to let others know about them. It was quite a traumatic dream and so I started to research what this means. In addition, it may indicate that you hate secular life and restrictions and desire for free life. Thanks in advance. Required fields are marked *,